Environmental Benefits

The Concrete Pavement That Helps Mother Nature!

Finding balance between commercial urbanization and the environment has always been a challenge for commercial developers and property owners. As federal and local governments tighten environmental regulations, it’s a welcome relief when a material like Pervious Concrete Pavement can actually contribute in a positive way to everyone’s best interest.

The Problem

Storm water Runoff is the leading cause of pollutants entering our precious and fragile waterways. Conventional paving materials allow surface pollutants to be washed away by rainwater and flow unfiltered into streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways. This primary environmental hazard is significantly reduced or entirely eliminated when Pervious Concrete Pavement is used for streets, driveways, sidewalks, on street parking and parking lots.

Eliminating Storm water Runoff is The Solution

The benefits to the environment are significant when you can naturally eliminate storm water runoff! This can only be achieved by absorbing storm water instead of diverting it. This is the unique difference of Pervious Concrete Pavement… It absorbs water!

Research reveals what Mother Nature already knew… the best way to filter out pollutants from storm water is to filter it through the ground while replenishing the aquifer. The absorbing, flow through quality of Pervious Concrete Pavement allows this to occur freely and naturally without having to incorporate expensive water diversion and exfiltration systems.

Erosion is yet another common problem that is easily resolved as a result of using Pervious Concrete Pavement. Absorbing storm water before it’s able to flow as harmful runoff simply eliminates the risk of landscape disruption and earth erosion.

As a natural concrete cement product, Pervious Concrete Pavement contains no harmful chemicals that could be released into the environment the way oil-based asphalt does.

The growing acceptance by state and local authorities of Pervious Concrete Pavement provides a sensible alternative to commercial pavement usage in an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial way.

“Pervious Concrete Pavement” provides the most natural solutions by letting Mother Nature manage rainwater as nature intended. The unique ability allowing storm water to flow thru the pavement uniformly and naturally allow it to filter and purify.

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