NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete Craftsman # PCC021193

Introducing a unique concrete pavement that allows stormwater flow-thru.

Discover the unique economic benefits and environmental advantages of Pervious Concrete Pavement as presented to you in this Web Site by Burns & Sons Concrete, Inc., the recognized experts in South Florida.

To satisfy the stringent government regulations that require containment and management of stormwater on newly developed properties in an environmentally sound and economically sensible manner.

Pervious Pavement, a concrete pavement that allows pure rainwater to seep through the paved surface and into the soil as nature intended.

This process greatly reduces or eliminates the need and the cost of expensive stormwater drainage systems and retention areas.

Lower construction costs and significantly increasing land utilization for commercial properties are the up-front economic advantages. But there are many other advantages – both economic and environmental. Discover all the unique benefits Pervious Concrete Pavement has to offer by browsing our Web Site.

Some Photos of Our Pervious Concrete Applications

Member of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association
NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete Craftsman # PCC021193

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What is Pervious Concrete Pavement?

Pervious Concrete Pavement is a unique cement-based concrete product that has a porous structure that allows rainwater to pass directly through the pavement and into the soil naturally. This is achieved without compromising the strength, durability, or integrity of the concrete structure itself.
The pervious concrete pavement is comprised of a special blend of Portland Cement, coarse aggregate rock, and water. Once dried, the concrete has a porous texture that allows water to drain through it at the rate of 8 to 12 gallons per minute, per square foot. That’s impressive considering tests conclude that a square foot of bahia sod drains at the rate of 2 1/2 to 3 gallons per minute. This remarkable flow through ratio inspired us in coining the phrase “…The concrete pavement that drinks water.”

A Proven Track Record…
This type of concrete pavement has been in use throughout Europe for about 50 years. In 1970, here in the United States, Jack Paine a civil engineer and several other members of the Florida Concrete & Products Association created a domestic formula called “Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Pavement”. This formula has since proven itself highly successful in the U.S. and most particularly here in Florida where water management is a critical and costly concern.

Over the last 25 years as environmental concerns and regulatory demands have increased the cost of developing commercial properties (especially in Florida) and there has been a growing interest in Pervious Concrete Pavement. And as interest has grown, so have the applications and installation demands.

Talk To The Leading Experts…
At Burns & Sons Concrete, Inc., we have mastered the specialized application and installation of Pervious Concrete Pavement throughout South Florida for more than 27 years now. We are industry leaders in South Florida and would like to help you in recognizing the many cost and environmental advantages Pervious Concrete Pavement has to offer your commercial development projects.

This Web Site is designed to be informative and answer commonly asked questions. But for a more personalized and informative assessment on how your current projects can benefit, simply call Burns & Sons Concrete, Inc. sales office at (772) 260-3726 or E-mail us by visiting our Contact Us Page NOW!

Why use Pervious Concrete?

Economic Sensibility is One of the Leading Benefits That Makes Pervious Concrete Pavement the Preferred Choice.

  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Increase Land Utilization for Commercial Sites
  • Durability – Longer Lasting
  • Less Costly to Maintain
  • No Standing Water Hazards

Construction Cost Savings

Property developers and owners will greatly appreciate the cost savings they’ll realize as a result of reduced or eliminated expenses normally incurred for the construction of required stormwater drainage systems and retention areas. The use of Pervious Concrete Pavement reduces or eliminates the need for these systems and stormwater management will be more reliable and consistent. Contact Us for a comparable savings analysis on your current construction projects.

Increase Land Utilization for Commercial Sites

What developer doesn’t fight to make available and maximize the commercial use of every square foot of their property? Sites designed with Pervious Concrete Pavement drives and parking areas will allow you to increase the square footage available for commercial utilization. This ultimately enhances the property owner’s return on their investment.

Durability – Longer Lasting

Pervious Concrete Pavement’s durability has proven itself and will outlast all other common paving materials. Water is a main contributor to the deterioration and destruction of our paved roads and parking lots. Unlike other pavement materials, tests prove that Pervious Concrete Pavement becomes stronger and more stable when it gets wet. This is a significant factor as to why it does not deteriorate as fast as other paving materials. Longer lasting durability in a harsh environment is a significant benefit.

Less Costly to Maintain

As a result of Pervious Concrete Pavement’s long lasting durability it requires substantially less long-term maintenance and repair. Expensive maintenance for pothole repairs and asphalt resurfacing are virtually eliminated. Just another economically sensible reason to Contact Us today for more information about this remarkable pavement!

No Standing Water Hazards

Standing water is a common problem in roads and parking lots throughout Florida. Torrential Florida rains can turn streets or parking lots into treacherous surfaces without warning. Oils from asphalt turn pavement into a slippery ice-like surface. Hydroplaning becomes a vehicular hazard. Also customers or pedestrians can become instant victims of serious injury due to a slip-and-fall on wet pavement. These can be costly liabilities to property owners and insurance companies. With the use of Pervious Concrete Pavement these common hazards are all but eliminated.

Now that you recognize the economic benefits, also worth mentioning are the many environmental advantages gained as a result of choosing Pervious Concrete Pavement. The benefits are significant and worth considering when determining what pavement is best suited for your particular projects.


Burns & Sons Concrete, Inc. is a licensed Contractor located on the Treasure Coast of Florida. We’ve been extremely successful in the residential and commercial pervious concrete industry since 1990. We maintain a proud tradition of professionalism, expertise, and quality workmanship that has kept our clients satisfied for 27 years.

Since 1990 we have become strong proponents and industry leaders in the application and installation of Pervious Concrete Pavement. To this day, our specially trained, certified concrete finishers have installed over 4 million square feet of this remarkable concrete throughout the Treasure Coast and The State Florida.

Burns & Sons Concrete, Inc., is one of four companies in the State of Florida that has obtained the required education, hands on training, NRMCA Certification and the specialized equipment necessary for achieving the proper installation of Pervious Concrete Pavement. Our qualifications and experience over the last 27 years in this specialized field is unsurpassed. Many construction trade professionals throughout Florida recognize us as industry leaders and experts in this specialized concrete field.

Our goal is to help you better understand how Pervious Concrete Pavement can benefit your existing or future construction site plans. We will personally answer all your questions, review your individual plans, and show you a cost savings analysis for each individual project at your request.

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